The beginnings

Native of a sweet country of quiet mountains and soft weather, I wandered around with my photograph for a long time. Initialy, I used to take photographs with a baby reflex, that I activated to get the nice coulours of the white, green, blue and yellow season. I used to consider photography as a game. I didn't want to live from it. Not yet.
I first moved toward into pedagogy and social work. I educated and lead to employment young and older people on behalf of a big company which is a reference in the field of adult education. Black, white, brown, I find inspiration in the differents colors of humanity. Photography came back to my life as an obvious choice. I moved from film to digital, and then I transitioned from colour to light. Every kind of light : sweet and homogen, white and harsh, direct or reflected, subdued, blue… I can see light in every part, even in the shadows.

Vincent Chambon

The photography as job

Once I took back my photograph, I started taking photographs of people. Based on the experience and contacts I have gathered over the last years, I naturally moved towards business world : executives, employees, commoditees and services…

Today, as a professional photograph based in Lyon, I provide corporate photographs services for enterprises, such as corporate or factual reports, company portrait/profile, or even packshots (commodities photographs for web/printed catalogues). I work either for small companies or large corporations, communities, communication and advertisement agencies, craftsmen, freelance designers… I provide services for French departments of Education and agriculture.

Developping my own creative approach inspired in fashion and advertising, I keep up to date with the latest photopgrahy tendancies. I comply with your photo projects, should it be in your premisses or in a studio, according to your needs, objectives and means. I love to assist my clients in the creation of a visual identity, working along with webmaster, designers, printers, developpers, referencing technicians…

I provide services for everyone, everywhere in South-East of France : Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Clermont-Ferrand, as far as Montpellier, Marseille and Nice, but also in Paris, or world-wide, some of my clients being based in Los Angeles.
Médaille de bronze la photographie professionnelle française
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They trusted me

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